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    My name is Ashley Martin and I am a photographer in Bluffton, SC and surrounding areas. I am a wife and mother of three!

    My passion for photography stems from a love of recorded personal history. My Great Grandmother kept many albums full of photographs that were all labeled and dated. I loved that I could look back and see my Mother growing up and know exactly what my family members looked like years before I came along. I also love to photograph my own kids. Lets face it, children grow up quickly. I know we all like to think that we will always remember every detail of our children's lives, but life gets away from us all. I love that a photograph captures a cherished moment no matter how big or small and that it lasts forever. Our personal legacies are such a beautiful thing. I hope you will take a look at my work and see the dedication and love I have for capturing the stages and events in your family. What better gift to give generations to come than your family story.

  • "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything."

    -------------------------------------------Aaron Siskind-------------------------------------------------

I have some exciting news to share with all of you! I’m now offering studio sessions!

Studio sessions are a great way to showcase your family or child in a new way. The studio is located in Savannah, GA inside of a beautiful home converted into studio spaces. This house has so much charm and has some of the most beautiful natural light I’ve ever seen indoors. Not only can we create some amazing photos in this space but it also offers a lot of conveniences that are hard to come by during outdoor sessions. There’s a bathroom with a changing table, kitchen, a waiting room, and air conditioning/heat. We also never have to worry about the weather! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE outdoor sessions but now I get to offer my clients the option of shooting indoors too.

I had so much fun during these recent studio sessions! I love chasing children around capturing their sweet personalities and pure joy. There is nothing more rewarding to me than freezing a moment in time for my clients. It is a true gift to be able to capture my smallest clients mid belly laugh or making that face that’s truly them. Time really does fly when raising our kids and being able to revisit these moments down the road is heartwarming, comforting, and so important. Our children are our legacy and our biggest accomplishments in this life and I believe whole-heartedly that we need to document as much of their time with us as we can.

There are endless possibilities at the studio to have a unique session. Studio spots are limited so if you’re interested in having a session in this beautiful space be sure to contact me!



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One of my favorite things about living close to the beach as a photographer is the ability to provide families with beautiful photos that have a stunning backdrop. Hilton Head beach sessions are a great way for vacationers and residents alike to enjoy the beauty of this area. The ocean, the beach grass, sunrises, and sunsets make some of the most unique photos as no two sessions are the same.

This family was here on vacation and wanted to have photos taken to remember their trip and their time together. We had rain all week and were hoping to be able to do this session before they had to head back home. We lucked out on the last night they were in town with a gorgeous evening. The sunset was beautiful and the temperature was very mild. We had a refreshing ocean breeze and gorgeous golden light. If all that wasn’t enough, they were such nice people and the young lady was a former model!



Both couples were fun to work with and their love for each other was palpable. I love to see families enjoying each other and making memories. The older I get, the more it becomes clear what’s important in this life. It’s not having the latest technology or the fanciest purse. It’s not having the most expensive car or the largest house. It’s all about the journey. The experiences we have and the memories we make a long the way are priceless and so valuable.



If you are interested in doing a Hilton Head beach session be sure to contact me so we can start capturing beautiful beach memories for your family!


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Back to school minis are here! Are you looking for a great way to document your child’s start to the new school year? We can showcase your their unique personality, that toothless smile, or how much they’ve grown since the start of the last school year. On top of that you will have a great photo for that scrapbook or to send to the grandparents! What better way is there to capture this time for your child than to have a fun session with me where you will end up with beautiful photos, not have to rush the morning of, and not have to settle for the same school photos you had last year and the year before? If you are interested in a session please contact me ASAP as dates and times are limited and won’t last long! I look forward to hearing from you!

To contact me you can either go to the homepage and click on the “contact me” tab, you can reach me on my Facebook page at, or you can email me at

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I was so excited when one of my favorite families booked this session. Their daughter, little “M” was turning one and they wanted to do a cake smash….on the beach! I was beyond excited! I had photographed little “M’s” big brother at the beginning of the year and I was so happy to be able to work with this great family again.

We all met at the beach right before sunrise and boy were we in for a treat. The beach was perfect, the sunrise was stunning, and although it was supposed to rain, the skies were clear! We started as the sun was coming up and got some quick photos of the kids together. Are they not the cutest!



This was our beautiful sunrise, it was too beautiful not to snap a quick picture of.



Next we moved on to some photos of little “M”. She was a trooper even though she was teething and not feeling well on top of it.


Big brother swooped in and tried to make his little sister smile but instead we got this fun photo.



This is one of my favorite photos of the whole session! Little “M” was not having any of it for a short time during our session and she looks very against being one year older in this photo. She got a quick snack and everything was right with the world. Luckily I’m very laid back and the parents are also very laid back so we just had fun with it!


One thing I love as a photographer and as a mother really, is seeing the amazing relationships my clients have with their children. You could see what a great team Mom and Dad are and how much they love their babies. Nothing is better than the love between parents and children!

These are photos of Mom and big “M” as they see numerous fisherman pulling sharks from the surf. Big “M” looks just a tad shocked!



These are photos of Dad trying to calm little “M” as she was not feeling too well, and a photo of some father son time walking along the beach.



While Little sister was grabbing a snack we got some adorable shots of big brother. He is such a sweet kid and for being up so early he really did exceptionally well. He lit up when I told him that I had brought a balloon just for him. It was his little sisters birthday and she had balloons so I thought he might enjoy having one too! He has the best smile and I am in LOVE with this photo of him!


Now on to the fun part! Little “M’s” beach cake smash! I was so excited to get this set up. After she ate and had an outfit change, she was feeling pretty good. After we sat her down, it took a little convincing by Mom and Dad to get started but then she just went for it! The light was beautiful and Little “M” was thoroughly enjoying her sweet early morning treat! Happy birthday sweet girl!



After little “M” had finished all that she was going to, Mom got her cleaned off. They decided to embrace the beautiful morning celebrating this little girls first year of life by enjoying their bare feet in the sand and toes in the ocean.



If you have a child turning one and would like to have this time in their life documented, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you like these photos and are interested in booking a session head over to my homepage and signup to receive my Client Welcome Guide. In the client welcome guide you will find everything you need to know from how to prepare for a session, what to expect at a session, and a full price list! I look forward to hearing from you!



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I am always saying “The time is now”, what I mean is exactly how it reads. A lot of people put things off and at some point, they regret that it’s too late to go back. Photography is such a special art and truly a gift to us all. It allows for a moment or series of moments to be frozen in time, to be documented exactly how it all happened.

We often run to the closet after a loved one passes to search for a photo, any photo, that will help us remember the good times with that person or to be able to remember them before they declined. When our kids grow up and they ask to see photos from when they were small, it’s a great feeling to have an album or two or fifty to show them all the things even we forgot.

That toothless smile or the first time they rode a bike.

(This is my husband and our oldest daughter riding her bike down the driveway for the first time. Even with Training wheels she was too scared to do it by herself so Dad jumped on and made it fun! Even though the quality of this photo isn’t great, it’s priceless to me and one of my very favorite photos of all time.)



When Grandma came to help each time a Grandchild was born to give the tired parents a break and to make the older sibling (s) feel special too.



Even that time they pouted and screamed through the family vacation, or how they used to stick cheese on their forehead before eating it.



Every memory we get is a blessing. One of my missions as a parent is to instill in my kids the value of creating memories. We take many family vacations to see family so they will grow up with a strong sense of who they are, where they came from, and to know those that love them. I also make it a priority to not just visit but to create memories.

(This was taken in CT on the Essex Steam Train. Grandma, Poppy, and Claire. The photo under it is Landon enjoying his very first train ride. He was loved it!)



We recently had my husbands Parents and Grandparents visit us. My kids were very excited to stay at the beach and soak up precious time enjoying making memories. My husbands Grandmother knows that my older daughter loves to cook. She made it a point to make some of Hannah’s favorites. She had Hannah help, Hannah wrote down the recipes and was part of the process. They made Gumbo and Pralines and it warmed my heart to see. Ma Ma even let Landon have a taste of the pralines before they were set all the way, such a treat for a little helper. They have been cooking/baking together for years and it’s something so special.



My son curled up on his grandmother and swung his arms around her neck and just sat still enjoying a show on tv.



He also had help in the pool from Dad and Pa Pa. Isn’t he the most graceful swimmer?



We got ice cream cones.



We enjoyed beach time where my older daughter buried my younger daughter in the sand and then spread chips around her so the “attack” seagulls would swarm her.



We just laughed and played and….made memories.



I of course always have my camera and make a point of quietly capturing these memories for my family and myself.



My point in all of this is that we never know how long we or the ones we love will have or how quickly our memories will fade. We need to make as many memories as we can and keep taking those photos to help us reminisce, reflect, and retell our favorite stories and experiences.

If you are interested in capturing memories for your family please contact me. Your session doesn’t have to be stiff and formal, I promise we will have a lot of fun! You can sign up on my homepage for my Client Welcome Guide with all the information you need about preparing for a session, what to expect at your session, as well as a full price list. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Ashley Martin Photography will be hosting an ALS fundraiser event where I will be selling my still life, landscape, and wildlife photos for the very first time to help raise much needed funds for the ALS Assiciation in honor of Kymberly Cotton.

Kymberly Cotton is a woman who lives in the town I grew up in. I’ve know her almost my whole life. Her kids and I went to school together, her husband coached my little league teams when I was a kid, her son Steve was in my graduating class, and her daughter Jena and I played sports together growing up. Kymberly and her whole family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. In April of this year the Cotton family was dealt a big blow and given some medical news that has and will continue to affect their everyday lives.

Kymberly was diagnosed with ALS, an incurable and horrible disease which affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord causing the muscles of the body to atrophe due to lack of nourishment. Eventually this disease claims the life of the person who suffers with it…there is no cure.

Kymberly just became a grandmother, she’s a wife, mother, sister, aunt, daughter, friend and overall beautiful person. She is fun, happy, and loves her family. This disease has already rendered her unable to speak. Many people who suffer with ALS are unable to speak at some point. The ALS Association, amongst other things, provides ALS patients with ipads and a program where they can type what they want to say and the program speaks for them.

Being able to communicate with your loved ones is a comfort many of us will never be without. Can you imagine no longer being able to hear “I love you” in your mother’s voice, or no longer being able to tell your child or grandchild how much they mean to you? This is a reality for many ALS sufferers.

This is a terrible and incurable disease and those who suffer with it along with their loved ones need our help. Check out the flyer below and please help if you can, every little bit makes a difference!

I will be hosting this ALS fundraiser event for the next three months. My goal is to raise $5,000.00 for the ALS association so that they can continue to provide those with ALS with the products, services, and funds that make their lives a little easier.

If you head back over to my homepage you can click on the “Clients” tab and then select the ALS fundraiser gallery (or click this link to go directly to the ALS fundraiser event gallery ). From there you can check out the different galleries and purchase the prints and products of your choice or donate to our ALS fund. All profits and donations will be donated to the ALS association in honor of Kymberly Cotton. Thank you so much!

You can check out the ALS association here ——–>

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“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story.” ~ Neil Gaiman

One of my favorite parts of being a Bluffton, SC newborn photographer is getting to document the very beginning of a story. The beginning of this young family’s story, the beginning of this little boy’s story, the beginning of a much broader family story. We all have stories and there are many beginnings throughout our existence worthy of preserving, capturing, and sharing.

The time finally came for little “T” to have his newborn session documenting the beginning of his story. I had a maternity session with his parents, then a fresh 48 session to capture the Tuttle family in their first days as a party of three, and now it’s this sweet baby’s turn to have the spotlight all to himself. Isn’t he just the most handsome little guy? I just can’t get over that gorgeous hair!



Baby “T” came prepared for this session with many different expressions happy, inquisitive, serious, peaceful, etc. He was awake the whole time but I have a few tricks in my bag and was able to lull him into a peaceful state so I could photograph him. He was SO strong for only 15 days old. He was already lifting his head and holding it up, fighting free of the fabric I wrapped him in, and stretching and stiffening his body.



Mom wanted to get some photos of him in his Superman diaper cover. It was a little big on him but he still rocked it! I was in love with his precious little feet….those tiny toes!



He was enamored with his hand and getting those fingers in his mouth. It’s so great when babies figure out how to soothe themselves. I remember this being difficult when my kids were little. My oldest was a binky girl so we would get up over and over putting it back in her mouth when it fell out. It made for some really long nights. My middle child was a thumb sucker and it made a huge difference. She would find that thumb and back to sleep she’d go. My youngest wasn’t interested in the binky or his thumb so he was a whole different experience.



Kids grow up in the blink of an eye. Babies are only newborns for a very short amount of time. The first year of a child’s life is absolutely incredible. When you think about the fact that they were born not knowing or being able to do very much and in no time at all they’re crawling, walking, saying their first words, eating baby food, sleeping through the night, and growing bigger and stronger. Your little one will never be a newborn again and it is so important to photograph this stage in their life. I know life is hectic especially during the first couple of weeks home, but these photographs will fill your heart and home with joy and happiness. I love to look at photos of my children as babies, especially when we go through challenging times. I love to reflect on how far we’ve come and how beautifully chaotic it was to have a newborn in the house. My oldest daughter will be heading off to college in a few years and it doesn’t seem like all that long ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital and starting this beautiful journey.



If you have or are about to have a newborn that you’d like photographed, please contact me so we can capture their sweet innocence and beautiful beginning! A gift certificate for a session also makes for a pretty amazing shower gift!



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I finally got the news I’ve been waiting for! The Tuttle family from the maternity session I photographed a couple weeks ago had their sweet baby boy! He was born a couple weeks ahead of schedule but he’s healthy and SO adorable! Can you tell I’m a just a little excited! We did a session at the hospital before they were discharged called a fresh 48 session. During this type of session I visit with the family during the first couple days after their child is born (either at their home or in the hospital) and photograph those moments of excitement, joy and bonding.



These sessions are so great because mom, dad, grandma, a sibling, friend or whoever is around can simply enjoy the first few days knowing they will have special moments captured. There’s no added pressure to remember, on top of everything else, to get certain shots before those first few days are gone. I LOVED getting to capture the precious first days of this beautiful family’s story.

When I first arrived the Tuttle’s were enjoying some quiet moments together. Mom and Dad were the proud new parents and little “T” had already perfected being absolutely adorable. Did I mention this little guy had the most amazing head of hair? My babies were all bald when they were born so I was in awe of his gorgeous locks!



We moved along getting the shots mom and dad wanted and worked around when little “T” needed to be fed. I clear my day for these sessions so there’s no pressure or clock watching. We just go with the flow, have fun, and of course soak up the miracle of a new life. The whole experience leaves my heart full and I am so honored and blessed to be able to capture these treasured and fleeting moments for my clients.



There’s nothing more amazing than capturing and preserving your family’s story. If you are interested in a fresh 48 session please contact me so we can document this beautiful time in your life.

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Bluffton, SC has an amazing spring season and I am so fortunate to be an outdoor natural light photographer so much of the year. I also love photographing children and what better way to do that than in the beauty of nature. I was driving down a back road on the way home one day when I came across the most amazingly gorgeous field of tall red grass and spring wildflowers. I knew immediately that I had to photograph some children in this field before the town mowed it down like they do every year when it gets too overgrown.

This little girl was the first of the day. She had such a sweet personality and was full of smiles. We walked through the field and she kept picking little flowers, it was adorable to say the least. This little one was very independent but kept her mom in sight as she explored. It was so much fun to photograph her! Those beautiful brown eyes, that joyful smile, and her sweet inquisitive nature made my job as a photographer so easy.



One of my favorite parts of photographing young children is they aren’t self aware yet. I love this because you get to photograph who they REALLY are. We hit a certain age where we think we need to fit in to society and the standards set by others rather than being uniquely ourselves. This beautiful girl was a breath of fresh air. She gave me everything from sweet and funny to sassy and spunky. She even acted out a scene from star wars using the flowers like a light saber unprompted, which was totally amazing! She had the most precious curls, beautiful blue eyes, and definitely showed me who SHE is.



This young lady gave me a run for my money. She was not at all interested in getting her photos taken but luckily I am always up for a challenge! She protested a little but I was able to get some great shots of her. I like to let kids just be kids. Having three children of my own (none of them are big fans of getting their photos taken either), I know that sometimes you just have to let them be, give it a little time, and not pressure them too much. She eventually came around and was willing to give me a few great smiles and I have to say that I was so glad she did. She was so precious and I LOVE a strong will!



If you like these photos and are interested in updating photos of your beautiful child, contact me so we can make sure to document all those wonderful stages and phases in their life and yours.

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Being a maternity photographer in Bluffton, SC has given me great joy. I had the opportunity to photograph these first time parents to be at their beach maternity session. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous sunrise to symbolize the dawning of a new chapter in the lives of this growing family? We of course got the chilliest morning that we’ve had in weeks, but Mom and Dad were troopers and we were able to capture some awesome photos to document this amazing time in their lives.


This mom and dad were so much fun! They were laid back and so easy to work with. The love these two have for each other and the pure excitement on their faces when talking about their sweet little bundle of joy was tangible. We were blessed with a gorgeous and colorful sunrise and took full advantage of the beautiful natural light.



Having a baby is such a monumental and life changing event. You have created a perfect little being and are anxiously waiting to meet this tiny person you feel like you already know. You’ve got your crib, car seat, swing, clothing, blankets, the nursery’s decorated just the way you imagined, and so much more in anticipation of your little one’s birth. Those things are all very necessary and so much fun to shop for and put together, but what about photos?  I feel like maternity photography is something that often gets overlooked or pushed aside when budgeting for your new arrival, but I think this is one of the most important gifts to give yourself and your child. For so many amazing reasons LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME! You will be forever changed in so many fabulous and unexpected ways. I think having a maternity session during those last few weeks before the new baby arrives allows you to capture the loving relationship you have with your partner and the excitement you share to start this new adventure. It also captures your unique self before your new title of mom or dad and it can even freeze a moment in time to see the way your family looked right before welcoming another child if this isn’t your first one.



I have been a mom for 13 years and I have to say that I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a mom. Sure, I remember when I was a kid but my identity is now wrapped up in my three beautiful kids and my husband and our family as a whole. It’s no longer Ashley, it’s the Martin Family. We are one unit working in one direction to make life the way our family wishes for it to be. Of course I’m still me, but I’m a different me than I was before kids. I love to show my children photos from before they were born. They giggle and make fun of my fashion choices or the crazy haircut their dad got that one time. My favorite part is when they want to hear stories about how my husband and I met and what we did for fun “way back then”. Kids love to see photos of themselves too! Maternity photos are an amazing thing to be able to share with your children. Think of how loved your child will feel knowing that their upcoming arrival, their grand debut, the moment that made their parents, parents or parents again was so important that you just had to have it documented. They will love that you had this time in your history and theirs recorded and one day they’ll get to share these wonderful photos with their kids and grandkids.



I’d like to be able to say that I remember every detail of each of my three pregnancies, but I can’t. Life gets crazy. We have three kids and to be honest, the details all start to run together. I love that I have my memories in photographs to aide me in recalling all those precious moments that I never want to forget. Our family is our legacy and photographs tell our story. Your children will fondly look at these photos, like the one’s in this gallery, and see just how much they were wanted, longed for, and loved. There’s no better gift.



These two are going to make amazing parents to their little boy!



If you or someone you know is interested in a Maternity Photography session in Bluffton, SC or a surrounding area, please contact me so we can get started documenting the amazing things happening in your life!



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As a photographer I feel very blessed to be able to work with so many amazing clients. I get to create beautiful photographic art for them to cherish for many years and generations to come. One thing I try to do as much as possible is look for opportunities to use my photography to give back to the community. One of the many ways Ashley Martin Photography gives back is by working with Beaufort County Animal Services. I head over there whenever I get a chance and photograph their available dogs to help them be better candidates for transport or rescue and also to help them get adopted if they’re available. I often get asked if this effort is really making a difference. Yesterday while I was there I decided to take a comparison photo so that you could see just what a difference it makes.

This is a photo you might expect to see posted on a shelter site or by a rescue group. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this photo and it shows a dog available for adoption. I had been looking at photos like this one over and over in my Facebook feed and on different sites and I thought to myself, there are so many animals in shelters that need homes, how do I know what this one is like? How is this one any different from the hundreds of other dogs I have seen today or this week? I decided that my photography could make a difference.

I think it’s tough to look at all the sad eyes behind those kennel fences. I wind up feeling overwhelmed by the fact that so many great animals need a home and a person/family to love them. The staff at Beaufort County Animal Services is amazing! They work tirelessly to save as many dogs and cats (and sometimes other animals) as they possibly can. There is a strong group of volunteers that donate their time and talent to train the dogs, care for the dogs and cats, and they do their best to help change the tides on this shelter overpopulation problem the whole nation is facing.

Six months ago I walked into the shelter introduced myself and told them I would like to help. They have welcomed me with open arms into their facility and allowed me to photograph their dogs and cats.

My photography goal is to allow potential adopters and transports/rescues to see these animals in a different light. Just as I felt overwhelmed by all the homeless animals with sad eyes in my social media feed, I figured all of these agencies and people looking for a new pet must feel overwhelmed too. I wanted to see if changing the perception of the animal would make any difference. I try to capture each individual animals unique personality and soul. Seeing an animal as a pet increases it’s chances of becoming part of a family.

Below are two photos I took of the same dog from earlier in this post. You can see how beautiful her markings are and approximately how big she is. Seeing her in the grass just being a dog makes it easier for people to visualize this beautiful girl in their backyard being part of the family.

I do what I can to make some difference along the way. You can make a difference too! The shelter is always in need of cat and dog food, kitty litter, dog houses, blankets, towels etc. If you don’t have money to donate that’s ok too! Go donate your time, they can always use volunteers. I promise you will feel amazing after doing something to help these very deserving animals!

If you’d like to donate items please head over and check out the Beaufort County Animal Shelters amazon wish list. They take the guesswork out of deciding what to buy and have registered for what they need. You can click on the link bellow to be taken directly to their wishlist.



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I get to meet some pretty awesome kids as a Bluffton, SC child photographer and this little boy absolutely melted my heart. Those stunning blue eyes and his energetic personality made for a very fun session. This age, where he is learning all about the world and exploring everything, is so much fun to capture. I ran around trying to catch up to him to get some quick photos in between watching the birds, playing on the playground and kicking a ball around. He was so full of energy and joy. There is such an amazing innocence and wonder about this age.

I absolutely adore this photo of little “M” and his beautiful mom, it’s just precious! We had taken a break from running around and some birds not far from us caught his eye. He LOVED the birds and I have to admit…I loved them too! We got to see about 20 birds taking off and flying around near the water. He snuggled up next to his mom and was pointing at every one he saw. We could have spent all day doing this! It was a great reminder to take a minute every now and again and really soak in the beauty around us and enjoy just being present in the moment.

Child photography is all about being able to adapt and think on your feet. Little “M” was happiest and his personality really came through best when we just let him run around and be himself. He had many expressions and lots of adorable moments and the best part is that none of them were forced. This is really him!

Little “M” has a birthday coming up so his mom wanted to get some photos of him devouring a cupcake.  He thoroughly enjoyed this part of our session and it made for some pretty adorable photos.

If you love these beautiful images as much as I do, hit that contact button so we can capture your memories and document your uniquely beautiful stage in life!


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Being a Bluffton, SC family photographer has allowed me to meet some pretty fantastic families! This family was no exception. Mom and Dad were so easy going and patient as I went through all the individual and group portraits. The kids were very well behaved and I was able to get some great photos as a result.

There are four kids in this family and I found it fascinating (although, having three kids of my own, not surprising) that each had a very different personality. Some smiled easily, others needed a little encouragement but in the end everyone came away with a unique photo that really captured who THEY are. I love to work with families because there’s nothing more enjoyable then getting to document the happiness and love a family has for each other. Life can get crazy sometimes but I whole heartedly feel like it’s so important to stop and pause for just a small amount of time to get some beautiful photographs along the way. One day when your kids grow up and start their own families it will be such a treasure to look back and reflect on all the wonderful stages of your families life.

I also wanted to make sure to capture these adorable moments. Aren’t they precious! These photographs really show the strong and sincere bonds this family shares.

And of course we couldn’t forget a photo of Mom and Dad!

This was one of my favorite photos of the day, not because it’s a great portrait but because it’s one of those real life moments. We have all been through this whether we were the parent or the child in this situation. This little girl wanted to play at the park after behaving so well for our session but it was so cold her little lips were purple. She was adamant about staying and thought she would hang on to Mom’s leg for dear life. Mom was so patient and they eventually came to an agreeable resolution. It’s so great when I have the chance to identify with other parents and I can definitely relate!

If you love these beautiful images as much as I do, hit that contact button so we can capture your memories and document your uniquely beautiful stage in life!



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Part of being a Bluffton, SC child photographer who uses natural light, is being able to work with the weather and the beauty this area has to offer. Even when it’s winter I am lucky enough to be able to have outdoor sessions to capture the different stages of life for my clients. This little boy is just too cute! When I saw those amazing curls and that joyful smile I just knew this session would be great. This little guy braved the cold and was such a trooper. It was only 39 degrees for our session but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his great big smile. I love this age for many reasons and one of them is that their personalities are so real, so perfectly genuine. As we grow up and become more aware of the world around us and the people around us and we lose that child-like innocence. This to me is such an important age to document. Kids grow up so fast and it’s amazing to be able to look back at photos of them at this age and remember the little kids they once were. I often go through my photo albums from when my kids were much smaller. I love to look at how much they’ve grown and be reminded of what silly things they did when they didn’t have a care in the world.

If you love these beautiful images as much as I do, hit that contact button so we can capture your memories and document your uniquely beautiful stage in life!

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As a Bluffton, SC natural light photographer, I work with some pretty amazing kids. This little girl was no exception. She’s only two years old but has the sweetest most lovable personality. Most two year olds take a little while to get comfortable sitting to get their photo taken because they want to make sure Mom or Dad doesn’t go anywhere. This sweet girl was happy to put on these beautiful vintage inspired dresses and was all smiles. Dad thought that yellow would be a great color on her and I have to agree! She had the biggest, most beautiful baby blue eyes  which just sparkled in the natural light. My job as an artist is to capture your specific child and their unique personality. I was able to capture for this family, the adorable, gentle, innocent nature of their only daughter. She was definitely a Daddy’s girl and responded with such joy as he stood behind me to keep her attention. It was such a wonderful experience to have both mom and dad (and little brother) present for the session. I LOVE it when the whole family is excited about capturing memories for their growing family!If you love these beautiful images as much as I do, hit that contact button so we can capture your memories and document your uniquely beautiful stage in life!

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I had the opportunity to work with this sweet girl last week. As a Bluffton, SC child photographer, I get to photograph some pretty amazing kids! She is only three years old but you’d never know it when talking with her. She has a spunky personality and is so full of life. I love to capture this age because most three year olds have developed their own personality and aren’t afraid to be themselves which results in some pretty amazing and entertaining conversations. I have a three year old son and I’d like to think I will never forget this point in his life. Having two older daughters, I know that won’t be the case. I’m so thankful to have photographs that will spark memories and bring me right back to this precious age! She was a natural in front of the camera. Photographing her was easy and it shows in these stunning images. She braved the chilly outdoor session like a champ. I made the headpiece she’s wearing and I brought a few outfits for her to try out, but she was the most excited about the pink necklace and the flowers, a true girly girl! Having the opportunity to document this stage in her life for her and her parents was a joy and I hope to have a chance to photograph her again in the future!

If you love these images as much as I do, please be sure to hit that contact button so we can capture your beautiful child/children!

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As a Bluffton, SC photographer, I use many tools in my business that allow me to get to know my clients, their style, what they are looking for so I can deliver a finished custom piece of art that will be unique, beautiful, and loved.

One of my favorite tools is Pinterest. I never quite realized just how powerful Pinterest actually is until I started to use it for my photography business. I was one of those people that looked through the vast amounts of pins and boards looking for a cool craft to do with the kids, a new life hack, a scrumptious new recipe, home decorating ideas, or even a new gardening tip. I perused for hours (which seemed like only minutes) and meticulously added things to my organized boards to keep track of them in case I wanted/needed them at a later date.

During a consultation for a newborn session, Mom was trying to describe her style and what she wanted in a photo of baby number four and her three big sisters. Mom suggested that she create a board to show me some examples of photos from the internet that could give me an idea of what she liked. I do not copy the work of other photographers but I do find that it was helpful to see what Mom had selected for her shared board. I hadn’t thought of doing this type of inspiration board but I was so happy that Mom suggested it to me, and I was even more excited to see what she would be adding. Later that night I got an invite to Mom’s newborn photos board. In just a matter of a few minutes I was able to see the families style, what colors and tones they were interested in, and even the things that were absent also spoke volumes. No frilly props, no headbands, just a simple elegant showcase of their beautiful new addition and her sisters. I have to admit that I was very excited that Mom’s style aligned with my photography style which is clean, simple, and truthful.

Mom and I spoke again before the session and she told me there was one photo in particular that took her breath away. She wanted to see if we could try to create something with this particular photos essence. The photo was of a young girl (maybe three) and her baby sibling. The children were both bare chested and it was a black and white photo. I saw the picture and fell in love. My first thought was how can we make it our own, capture the inspiration of the photo she found, and show off the beautiful and loving relationship between the new baby and her youngest big sister.

I knew at the shoot that I was going to be able to give Mom the photo she was hoping for. When I delivered the images to Mom a couple weeks later, she said “Be still my heart!” She LOVED the moment we were able to capture. I love the connection and love between these two girls!

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As a Bluffton, SC pet photographer I often look for opportunities to give back to our community. One thing I have recently started doing is photographing the dogs at Beaufort County Animal services located at 23 Shelter Church Road in Beaufort, SC. I’ve had a blast getting to showcase all of the great dogs and their individual personalities through photography. I LOVE doing it and it helps people visualize these very deserving dogs as being part of their family.

While I was there a few weeks back, I was told that a lot of the shelter cats that come into Beaufort County Animal Services get taken to a place called Tabby House which is right down the street. I wanted to know more! I learned about Tabby House and the very unique place that it is. It’s a great place where the cats/kittens happily roam around. There are chairs and toys and tons of things for the cats to play on and with. The thing that makes it so unique is that you can go there by yourself or with your family and just play with the cats. You walk in and are greeted by a bunch of purring sweet kitties ready to give and receive affection. They all need homes but I thought it was really cool to see people who love cats but can’t necessarily have one (or one more) there just enjoying the company. Some people were there interested in adopting, some on vacation just missing their own pets back home, and some there on their lunch break doing a good deed by spending time with the cats and socializing them as they ate or enjoyed the free wifi provided by Tabby House. The owners, staff and volunteers love these cats and are so passionate about what they do. If you get a chance to stop by and check out the place you should! They also have a wish list, and just like Animal Services, they are always in need of items to help care for the animals so that they all have the best chance possible to find homes. You can check out Tabby House on their Facebook page


Here are some of the cats I got to photograph while I was there…

If you don’t find the right cat/kitten for yourself or your family on the first visit, please make sure to check back again at another time. Tabby House always has new cats coming in and there will likely be a sweet kitty that will be a great fit for you or your family there at some point. If you are not looking to adopt, consider going just to spend time with the cats. It’s a free way to do something good for these animals. They will all benefit greatly from being in a “home setting” and getting to interact with many different people on a regular basis. If spending time with the cats really isn’t your thing or if you don’t have the time, please consider donating an item off of their wish list or giving a monetary donation to help support these Cats while they are waiting on their forever home.

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I recently had the opportunity to start giving something back to our community. Beaufort county animal shelter located at 23 Shelter Church Road in Beaufort has allowed me to photograph the animals that are ready and available for adoption. I am so excited to be able to do this because I have a HUGE soft spot for all animals in need. I have been looking to do something like this for a while, lately I have this great need to do as much good as possible. These animals came to the shelter in all different ways and for many different reasons. After getting to spend some time with each of them I have to say that every single dog that’s available for adoption is a GREAT dog. They all have different personalities but I loved each one of them. The shelter has people working with these dogs each day, training them, socializing them, and caring for them like they were their own pets…and it shows. The staff at Beaufort County Animal Shelter couldn’t be friendlier and they all work so hard to rescue and place all the animals they can.  Here are some of the Dogs I got to visit with and photograph.


If you are at all considering adding a pet to your family, you should definitely check out the Beaufort County Animal Shelter. They have so many wonderful adoptable animals waiting for a FURever home. They get new animals daily so keep checking back if you don’t find the right furry friend on the first try. So many great animals are euthanized each year due to over population in the shelters and lack of spay/neuter which leads to even more animals that need homes. If you aren’t able to adopt, consider fostering, donating your time, money or supplies, or even volunteering. YOU can make difference. YOU can change a life. Please check them out here on their Facebook page

If you’re looking for a Bluffton, SC pet photographer please head over to my homepage and hit the contact button in the menu, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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I had the pleasure of getting to work with the Rajanala family while they were vacationing here in Hilton Head! What a beautiful family they are! As a SC beach photographer, I often find myself in awe of the beauty of the ocean and absolutely in love with the sound of waves rolling in as we capture those precious memories. I was a little worried on this particular day that the weather wouldn’t hold out as it poured the morning of our shoot, but it was beautiful out and we took full advantage of the stunning scenery for their family beach photography session.

As a mother of three kids I know that life can get crazy sometimes. We don’t often have the ability to take a time out and really enjoy life. During this session I got to see the Rajanala family really enjoy the present. They laughed, told jokes, embraced the endless amount of sand their little girl was wearing, the two younger kids jumped in the puddles leftover after the tide went out and they celebrated their family at the beach.

Dad really had his heart set on a unique family photo where everyone was jumping to showcase the energetic fun-loving nature of his family. It took a bunch of tries but we finally got it and I think it came out just as Dad had pictured. There’s nothing better than delivering a photo your clients love!


One of my favorite moments during the whole session was when Mom was trying to brush her oldest daughters hair (it was a breezy evening) and the daughter wasn’t having it! I love these photos because they’re real. After some entertaining poses from the daughter we were able to laugh, move on and get some great family shots.

Being a family photographer means embracing all of life’s stages, to me that’s what life’s all about.

If you’re looking for a Hilton Head, SC beach photographer please head over to my homepage and hit the contact button in the menu, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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One of my favorite things about being a Bluffton, SC newborn photographer is getting to witness all the joy and excitement that goes along with a new baby. Is there anything sweeter than a brand new life? I had the pleasure of getting to photograph a sweet 3 day old baby recently! 3 days old!! The Charles family just had their 4th daughter. What a beautiful family they are. All of the girls each have their own unique and special personalities and I can’t wait to see the person baby L will become! The three older sisters were so excited to be in the role of great helpers and they were so sweet with their new baby sister, you could tell they were old pros.

We had so much fun capturing baby L! It was amazing to see how strong she was being so new to the world. She was even trying to hold her own head up and doing a pretty good job of it! Luckily she was very sleepy the day of our session and we were able to get some great sleeping baby shots!

One of the things I really enjoyed about photographing baby L was that mom had started a Pinterest board of all the ideas she had seen for photos she really liked. For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a really cool free site where you can search and pin everything from photos to recipes to design ideas etc and they are all saved for you in boards that you create. This was incredibly helpful for me because I got to see ahead of time what it was that mom was drawn to in terms of newborn photos.

As a professional photographer I have developed my own signature style. I love to look at Pinterest for inspiration but I like to let my clients know that as a creator of original art that I love to put my spin on things and work with clients to add their style as well. Through this collaboration, mom and I were able to create beautiful images that she and I both loved.

While mom was feeding and changing baby L I even got to snap a few photos of their family pets!

If you’re looking for a Bluffton, SC newborn photographer please head over to my homepage and hit the contact button in the menu, I can’t wait to hear from you!


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One of the wonderful perks of being a SC family photographer is the stunning and diverse landscapes available to use as backdrops during sessions. I love to take advantage of all the different locations and scenery options when planning a session. Maybe your family loves the beach, or maybe you have a favorite spot in town that’s special to you or significant for whatever reason. We are so lucky to have so many options at our disposal so together we can choose a location that best represents your family.

I also love the opportunity to travel for a shoot. This session was in Louisiana and I was excited for the challenge of shooting somewhere new. We had a blast, what a great family! The kids were not only absolutely adorable but they were also very well-behaved. Mom did a fantastic job getting all of the outfits to coordinate and everyone looked fantastic.  It was so nice to see the older sister take so much time and be so patient with her younger siblings. She smiled and interacted with them in such a loving way. She even helped me to coax smiles from the younger kids when it was their turn. The younger kids were so easy to work with and they were full of personality; a photographer’s dream!. They all kept me laughing the whole time and we really had a lot of fun. The best part was getting to deliver these beautiful memories to Mom.

Mom and each of the kids had such a great bond. It was so heartwarming to see them joke and giggle and work together to create these special moments I was able to capture for them. There’s nothing more beautiful than the love a mother has for her children.

If you’re looking for a SC family photographer please head over to my homepage and hit the contact button in the menu, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post! My name is Ashley Martin and I am SC family photographer. I would like to share with you a little bit about myself and my photography business.

I grew up in a small town in CT. I met my husband when we were in the ninth grade and we have been together ever since. We have been through a lot together and I couldn’t imagine walking through life with anyone else. We have three beautiful children and one fur child (our dog Chewy) who always keep us on our toes.

I have always been interested in creating. I love to make all kinds of things from crocheted baby blankets to cross stitched Christmas stockings, quilts, scrapbooks, even painting and drawing from time to time. I truly enjoy envisioning something and making it come to life, and who doesn’t love a gift from someone made from the heart. Photography is no different. There is something so special about the art of photography and I just can’t get enough.

When I was much younger, I used to go through my grandparents photo albums. My great grandmother labeled and dated her photographs and even wrote captions in some cases. I loved that I could see a photo of my mother when she was my age. I enjoyed seeing family members and friends and what they were doing long before I came along. It was a great education as well in the way times change. They didn’t have computers or T.Vs and spent their time making memories with fun they created for themselves. I feel so blessed to have a photographic glimpse into many decades of my family history. Where they went, what they did, who they spent their time with, and yes, even their crazy hairstyles.

When I was in my late teens I remember begging my mom to get me the Canon Elf, (I still have it to this day). I was in love with the fact that you could change the settings on the camera and even take panoramic pictures. I got my next camera for Christmas one year. My husband got me a Kodak Easyshare digital camera. It had 2 megapixels and the best part was being able to see the photos you took without having to develop the film first. I had my oldest daughter during this time and I remember my love for photography taking off. I wanted to capture every moment of her existence.

Throughout the years I’ve learned the value of photography. What I mean by that is we all remember things differently, we all see things differently. With a photograph you really capture a moment, frozen, waiting to be remembered. When someone passes away you go looking franticly to find the photos that best represent that person to share with family and friends. When your child goes off to college and you are missing the little kid that used to occupy that bedroom at the end of the hall, you can look at a photo and be comforted. Things change so fast. I used to think I would remember every detail of my children’s lives. Now, I’m a working mother with three active children, running from this activity to the next along with all of the regular life responsibilities and challenges. I am so thankful to be able to stop and capture the stages of my families’ life. Whether it’s a milestone or just a glimpse of what our daily life looks like, I’m thankful to have these special times documented.

I started Ashley Martin Photography for many different reasons. I have a true love for recorded personal history. I love being able to give my clients a photographic piece of their legacy to pass on to future generations. I love the art of photography and the creative outlet it gives me. I have a need to create. I want to give my clients a unique and sentimental gift, the gift of a time in their lives preserved forever. I strive to create an amazing client experience. Being photographed doesn’t have to be a dreaded event. It can be fun, easy going, and low stress. I guide my clients through the whole process from the first contact to the last detail, leaving them with a finished product they will cherish. I’m a natural light photographer and my style is clean, simplistic, and truthful.

If you’re looking for a Bluffton, SC Photographer please head over to my homepage and hit the contact button in the menu, I can’t wait to hear from you!





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